A business model with a positive impact

We have a commitment to present and future generations

At TW Logistics, sustainability is a necessity, which is why we incorporate it into every aspect of our organization, from our strategy to projects, processes and ideas. We are committed to strengthening a sustainable business model that seeks economic growth, social progress and harmony with the environment.

We have a commitment to present and future generations, which is why we approach the performance of responsible practices from the triple perspective of sustainability – governance, environment and social – so as to design our services in a way that has a positive impact on every aspect.


We are consistent with our values.

We have a fleet that includes 100% electric vehicles. We encourage the installation of solar panels on warehouse roofs, and we install vehicle recharging points to promote electric mobility. We have sensors with LED lights in strategic areas of warehouses. We conduct studies to implement returnable containers in the supply chain to reduce the use of cardboard. Our IT department develops software to optimize the use of paper, and route optimization systems to save emissions. Waste management in each corridor and floor (1st prize in sustainable logistics CEL). We continuously implement measures to improve the health and ergonomics of our workers, such as voice picking systems. We collaborate with associations to integrate disadvantaged groups into the labor market.


We are part of the Lean & Green platform, the leading European community in sustainable logistics

We are heading towards a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions from distribution logistics within 5 years. We thus support the Lean & Green goal – spearheaded in Spain by AECOC – of creating a network of leading sustainable logistics companies by sharing knowledge and experience to reduce emissions.

Certificates and plans implemented

These are some of those implemented.

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / Gender Equality Plan / Code of Conduct TW Group /