Truck & Wheel Group promotes sport for children.

Truck & Wheel Group sponsors the C.D. Errotxapea Football Team for another year.
Last September TW once again confirmed their commitment to the team by sponsoring it during the 2012-2013 season.

In collaboration with schools in the neighbourhood, the objective of C.D. Errotxapea is to provide young people from Rochapea with the opportunity to compete in the Navarre leagues. The club teams are integrated into the federal leagues of the FNF (Navarre Football Federation). The club has various categories, ranging from the youngest, who play in football league 8, to children, juniors and juveniles.

Amongst the commitments taken on by T&W is the supply of equipment for the different groups of players.

Once again Truck & Wheel is supporting the hopes and efforts of these young people and following them in their sporting achievements for another year. Good luck, champions!