Building the future through knowledge and culture.

The TW Foundation (TWF) promotes knowledge and culture as ways to address the challenges facing society today and the society of the future. Through simplicity, our actions aim to have a maximum impact on our surroundings. This is how we support the sustainable development of a group that is focused on the long term. Towards an exciting path that we travel with the satisfaction of leaving behind us a great legacy.


The result of work and commitment

TWF is a project founded on the work and commitment of the people who, day by day, work to make this group compete successfully with large multinationals.

These include our staff, suppliers, collaborators, institutions and customers.

Geographical scope

The Foundation will carry on its activities mainly in Navarra, Spain, the province where the TW Group was born.

It may also carry out activities in the rest of Spain, or activities abroad, especially in countries where the group operates.

Founding purposes

Our aims are linked to the promotion of knowledge as a means of addressing the challenges and problems affecting society. We focus on the propagation of culture, in all areas and forms, so that our heritage is not lost and reaches society as a whole in a way that continues to generate value.

This challenge is transversal: with history, art, environment, sustainable development, health, demographic change, globalisation, social integration, labour insertion and innovation in the service of expanding opportunities for the whole of society.

“Since I was a child, I was taught that knowing is as important as surrounding yourself with those who know.”

President of the TW Foundation

Miguel Sanz Sesma

Principal activities

Coordinate and collaborate with other companies, organisations and/or foundations in areas related to the aims of the Foundation.
Create connections between the worlds of research and knowledge and the world of business decision-making.
Encourage interdisciplinary research.
Encourage, promote, organise, direct and/or manage any type of social, cultural, educational, instructional, artistic, sporting, etc. Activities of an ongoing, periodical or ad-hoc nature related to the aims of the foundation.
Elaborate, edit, publish, produce and/or sell books, manuals, catalogues, audiovisual and multimedia projects on subjects related to the aims of the Foundation.
Establish grants and scholarships, institute prizes and/or finance publications and works, of any kind, on subjects and issues related to the aims of the Foundation.

Latest projects

Publication of thematic biography: Juan de Palafox y Mendoza – Talento, pasión y compromiso, by Ricardo Fernández Gracia director of the Chair of Navarrese Heritage and Art at the University of Navarre, published by the TW Foundation. Includes unpublished letters.
Support for the short film“(R)ojo por (R)ojo”, created by a group of students in the final year of Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarra (project in collaboration with the university). It is a comedy set in the 1960s.
Participation in the travelling retrospective exhibition of the work of Rafael Moneo (architect from Navarre, first Spanish Pritzker Prize winner in 1996): catalogue with the main attractions of the exhibition. “This catalogue will ensure that this exhibition won’t disappear like leaves blown away by the wind” Moneo 2023.