We believe in long-term strategy

For more than 25 years, our high-performance teams have been leading a demanding and changing industry in which we need to be ahead of the curve rather than adapting. But what good would it do to have great leaders if our society were not driven to succeed? In this context, sustainability is key for TW Group.

Corporate Governance

How we work

We work from a systemic approach with an emphasis on risk analysis, planned investment, the introduction of cutting-edge technology and the training of our employees, placing great importance on information security.

All of this, supported by the trust of our clients and the commitment of our professionals and suppliers, together with the motivation of our leaders, makes TW Group a company that never stops innovating, implementing processes that result in continuous improvement for our clients.

Towards a successful partnership

Sustainability and coherence

At TW Group, sustainability is reflected in the fulfilment of our values and purpose, through our management.

This creates value for our stakeholders wherever we operate.

A road we have travelled

Our history and our present are evidence of our commitment to the three areas of sustainability (Environmental, Social & Governance).

This is how we strengthen our responsibility and integrity on a daily basis.

Valores consolidados

SOLIDITY in the management of the group, FLEXIBILITY in adapting to the market and to new challenges, KNOWLEDGE and specialisation in the sector and RELIABILITY guaranteed by our clients.

Because of these values we are perceived as an industrial group of reference in the logistics and automotive sector.

What is not measured is not managed. What is not managed is not improved".

TW Group

Sustainability Committee

A committed team

To maximise the results of our sustainable management, we have created a Sustainability Committee made up of a multidisciplinary team that assesses and measures risks and plans our actions, aligned with our core business and our stakeholders.

Good governance




We offer solutions with a positive impact, supported by our technical department that researches and implements efficient projects, tailor-made for each client, wherever they need us.


We measure our environmental impacts, the satisfaction of our stakeholders and we certify our management based on ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 standards.

Total TWG emissions year 2022 (TWL+TWA):
3,571 Tn CO2-eq
Scope I and II according to GHG Protocol.
Verified by EQA and registered with MITECO.


Reducing our HCO emissions and minimising energy consumption are our material issues on which we set a roadmap.




In more than 25 years, we have attracted, developed and maintained internal and local talent. A value that has given us stability and recognition among professionals in the sector.


We have personalised development plans for an involved workforce, where multiculturalism and diversity are added and distinctive values; in addition to different international certifications such as ISO 45001 and our Equality Plan.


Include and involve our suppliers in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) training and promotion of TW Group values, in order to be aligned and create synergies.




We promote integrity and transparency through an expert governance structure in the business, as well as monitoring of our Policies and Procedures. We are committed to complying with the highest ethical principles and all applicable laws in the countries in which we operate.


We have set up a Regulatory Compliance Committee to ensure the principles of business ethics and transparency in all our areas of TW Group operations, based on the permanent review of our management.


To achieve our environmental and social objectives by constantly mapping risks and promoting our compliance culture, ethics and the good business conduct that defines us, based on the training of our Stakeholders.