From TRUCK AND WHEEL GROUP we provide the user with this cookie policy, where you can find all the details about the use of cookies on our website. We advise users to visit this cookie policy frequently, as it may be updated at any time.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser when you visit a website.

They are tools that play an essential role in the provision of digital services. Among other things, they allow a website to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information obtained, they can be used to recognize the user and improve the service offered. Without cookies, many pages will not function properly or the services offered will be diminished.

Who are our cookies intended for?

The services offered on this website as well as the contents are aimed at people of legal age, in no case within our target audience are under fourteen years of age. We understand that they are the ones who will be responsible for the use of each of the different resources.


Depending on who is the entity that manages the equipment or domain from which cookies are sent and treat the data obtained, we can distinguish:

Own cookies: they are sent to the user’s device from a computer or domain managed by the owner of the web and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
Third-party cookies: these are sent to the user’s device from a computer or domain that is not managed by the owner of the website, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies.


Session Cookies: are those that collect and store data when the user accesses the website and cease once the user leaves it.
Persistent Cookies: are those that have a duration determined in time by the data controller. The retention time can vary from a few minutes to several years. They are used to save and retrieve certain parameters each time the user visits the website.

Technical Cookies:are those essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the website and use the different options or services we offer. For example, those used for session maintenance, response time management, performance or validation options, use security features, share content with social networks, etc..
Customization Cookies: these are those that allow the user to specify or customize some features of the website. For example, define the language, regional settings or browser type.
Analysis Cookies: are those that allow us to track and analyze user behavior on our website to develop browsing profiles and to know the preferences of users of the same. They are usually used to measure user activity in order to improve the service we offer based on the results we obtain. For example, through an analytical cookie would control the geographic areas of greatest interest to a user, what is the product or service of greater acceptance, etc..
Advertising Cookies: are those that allow us to manage advertising space on websites.
Behavioral advertising cookies: are those that allow the management of advertising space on our website. The function of these cookies is to store information on the behavior of users on our website, in order to subsequently display personalized advertising.

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency we proceed to detail the use of cookies that makes this website in order to inform you as accurately as possible.


Analytics: analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. These cookies help provide information on visitor number metrics, bounce rate, traffic source, etc.

Performance: performance cookies are used to understand and analyze key performance metrics of the website, which helps to provide a better user experience to visitors.



Neither this website nor its legal representatives are responsible for the content or the veracity of the privacy policies that third parties mentioned in this cookie policy may have.

Web browsers are the tools responsible for storing cookies and from this place you should make your right to remove or disable them. Neither this website nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect handling of cookies by the aforementioned browsers.

In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget your decision not to accept them.

If you have any doubts or queries about this cookies policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.