LTL partial loads and batches

We have an extensive network in Europe and specific technology to be a reliable supplier of break bulk transport.


Department specializing in partial loads

We optimize the routes. We are able to combine shipments from different companies and find cargo to fill the return vehicle after making the delivery.

Most shipments are picked up and delivered directly in the vehicle, without having to go through our distribution hubs. This shortens delivery times. In addition, at no point during the transport process, from collection to delivery, is the cargo handled.

Lower costs and environmental impact.

We offer transportation solutions while reducing shipping costs and environmental impact by not driving empty trucks for miles.

Europe-wide coverage

We offer great flexibility and speed in Europe.

Since we rely on a logistics network that has been in place for more than 25 years.

Traceability and connectivity

GPS tracking throughout the process.

Easy-to-use shipping tools for managing and tracking loads, requesting quotes and pickups, accurate invoices.