USA from Europe.

As a TIER 1 supplier for one of the largest high-end vehicle factories in the world, located in Alabama, we took part in a round table discussion on international expansion in the USA. Carlos Llonis – CEO of Truck & Wheel Automotive – dealt with a couple of issues that are prominent in European forums.

The USA is a fascinating and very different market. Trump’s restrictions are counteracted by support from the different states with regard to tax benefits and aid, when they believe in your venture.

We have a factory with state-of-the-art technology, robotics, artificial vision, etc. but we have come as far as we have thanks to people. We have received faultless support from the government of Alabama through authorities and different institutions such as the Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority (TCIDA) and A.I.D.T.

They value foreign investment and take an interest in companies that want to proactively establish themselves in their territory. We have felt very welcomed by the municipal government and people of the town of Vance (AL) and by the local media, which promote our company and are committed to it. All of this goes a considerable way towards facilitating the process.

With regard to hiring non-American professionals, it is essential to demonstrate that the know-how coming into the country is strictly necessary. In order to hire American professionals, in addition to the legal process, which is changing radically, it is necessary to be familiar with the culture of the country. A society where mobility does not constitute a check, there are no unemployment problems in the technical sectors and the laws are more liberal. The challenge lies in presenting appealing development offers and keeping them up over time in order to build loyalty.

Thanks to Elkano Group and Ttandem for helping us to disseminate the professional experiences which can offer tips for other Spanish companies that want to move into such an influential country.