We boost our digital competency to move forward with solutions for the future.

In the era of digital transformation, TW Automotive bets on people and relies on technology, working with customized solutions of artificial intelligence, robotics, computer systems and concepts of Industry 4.0.

Digital transformation.

In response to this new environment, we operate based on three premises:

  • 1. Managing our own knowledge and talent

We believe in the people who make up our company and we are committed to them. We invest in knowledge and set up specific development plans for our professionals. Our engineering departments always strive for excellence and grow in response to challenges.

  • 2. Active listening, minds open to new opportunities

We foster relationships between our teams and supplier companies. And we listen to start-ups. We are aware of the fact that there are highly specialized professionals in micro-segments who can contribute know-how to the company, making us faster and more dynamic in response to a constantly changing marketplace.

  • 3. Smart integration

In response to all the news around Industry 4.0, we took one concept on board: value innovation. This means that our innovations have one goal: to provide added value for the client.