The greatest achievement of a company is to be considered by its employees as a great place to work. At TW Automotive we believe in this, that’s why our professionals are the core of the company.

Now we need to listen to you in order to keep moving forward on this way. To do that, we have hired the services of Great Place to Work (GPTW), a renowned international company specialized in organizational culture.

This organization will be sharing a survey with each of you in the coming weeks. The goal is to find out what you think, from different aspects, about your workplace.

We need to hear from all the people who make up TW Automotive.

We count on you!

Make it happen, let’s do it together

We would like to hear your opinion on how you value your company as a place to work.

In the coming weeks, through a link to a survey (Trust Index™), the certification company GPTW will ask you what your perception of TW Automotive is, with the goal of implementing action plans that will help us continue to improve to build a space where our professionals feel good.

We strongly encourage you to participate, as it is the best way to know what the current situation of the company is and to be able to act.

We continue working together to make TW Automotive a great place.


Scale from one to 5.



It’s that clear

What is the purpose of this survey (Trust Index™)?

At TW Automotive we want to know what our professionals think about their workplace. This survey is our right to know the opinion of 100% of our staff and to implement specific action plans that will help make our organization even better.

How long does it take to complete the Trust Index™ survey?

Less than 15 minutes.

How can we access the Trust Index™ survey?

If you have corporate email: this week Great Place to Work® will send an email to your corporate address with a link from which you will be able to access the survey.

If you do not have a corporate email: we will place computers in the production plants so that you can access the survey with your ID number.

If I don’t receive the email, what should I do?

Contact Great Place to Work® but never ask a colleague to resend you the email he/she received. Each link is unique and exclusive.

If I have a technical problem, who should I contact?

Contact Great Place to Work®, they will help you in the quickest and easiest way through the contact email you will receive in the invitation.

Will anyone be able to know what I have answered?

Absolutely NOT. The confidentiality of the data is assured by GPTW since they will be the only ones with access to the information and in no case will they give personal answers to TW Automotive. The reports that Great Place to Work® delivers to TW Automotive will be global/aggregated data so that it is impossible to identify employees.