From project to reality: companies from Navarra in the USA.

On November 13th, part of the Truck & Wheel Automotive team was present at the “Navarra-United States Business Forum”, organized by the Government of Navarra.

It is always rewarding to attend these meetings to listen to expert analysis and experiences of companies from other business sectors such as ViscofanUscal and Replasa.

Our CEO, Carlos Llonis, participated in the round table, answering several key questions. We have summarized three, in case they can give you some clues:

How has TW Automotive contributed to stand out in the wheel assembly, in Alabama?

TW Automotive offers a reliable and stable team. And besides, we are a technological reference. In fact, in this plant we have made the largest investment of TW Group.

What has this internationalisation meant for the company?

The welcome and the response have been great. When the Government of Alabama realized that the investment effort and the reliability were solid, it absolutely supported the initiative with a proactive attitude.

What advice would you give to an European company that wants to settle in the USA?

It is essential first, to know thoroughly the culture of each State in which you want to establish yourself and become part of it. And the second, to have a legal department expert in labor law. It is fundamental since it is very different from European culture and legislation.