TW Community

Truck&Wheel has been in the transport and logistics business for more than 20 years and is now a leading global logistics operator in Europe.

All these years of teamwork have contributed to create and strengthen our TW Community.

We have made a commitment to take care of our drivers and this initiative has been very well received. Today we are proud to have more than 900 professionals who trust in our organisation. This union gives us the strength to achieve maximum profitability conditions for the members of this community and other financial and comfort advantages.

Why TW

  • Access to a wide variety of cargoes with different types of customers and destinations: local, regional, national and international.
  • Clear and fair contracts.
  • Guaranteed payment.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the needs of each carrier.
  • Proximity and permanent contact with people: our traffic and administration officers.
  • Latest technology tools to facilitate the work.
  • Preference for those grouped together to return to their area.


We negotiate advantageous agreements for the TW community at the different distributors.

We offer you the device valid for the whole of Europe.

We have an agreement with Euromaster so that you can benefit from the best prices on leading brands.

We have a wide range of cover for any incident.

We help in the purchase of semi-trailers, financing it and offering it to you as a monthly rent applicable to your liquidation.


  • You will always charge the rate we have with our customers, minus a % commission.
  • You don’t have to make an invoice. We send you the settlement with all the journeys minus the expenses you have had with us (fuel, insurance,…).
  • The priority of our traffic teams is to offer you good loads and those that can return you to your area of origin.

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