Commitment to
society and the world around us.

We view corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a way of running the group based on managing how our activity impacts clients, employees, local communities, the environment and society as a whole.

We foster a policy of trust, transparency, ethics and integrity which is transmitted from the management committee to every employee of the group.

Our future is tied to sustainable activity. Our ISO 14001 certification is a testament to our commitment to implementing an environmental management system and fostering effective and responsible use of available resources. Among other actions, our fleet includes gas-fueled trucks and electric vehicles, we reuse containers, and more.

We believe that CSR must approach sustainability criteria in all three of its facets: economic, environmental and societal. We first embarked on this process in 2012 with a long-term plan, following the innovaRSE methodology.

CSR demands new ways of doing things, adopting clear ethical principles and responsible behavior, as well as stronger ties between the company and the community in which it operates.

Our employees take center stage, because we consider them to be our greatest asset. At all locations, we establish a professional development plan with programs adapted to suit the different job profiles. We are ISO 45001 certified ((replacing OHSAS 18001 since 2020), recognition of our commitment to the health and safety of our workers, as well as our suppliers and clients.

In addition to implementing the Gender Equality Plan as part of our strategy, since 2012, we have relied on the TW Group Code of Conduct, which contains our vision, corporate principles and rules of conduct. The code applies to all employees of the group and it is the responsibility of each one to be familiar and comply with it.

TW Group Code of Conduct.

We invest in technology to support our work environment. We have a leading-edge secure technology platform to ensure the security of our clients’ data and help us improve and monitor our services.

As part of this commitment to responsibility, TW Group forges ties with direct aid projects in the towns and cities where we operate:

  • Commitment to our environment through a considerable number of actions involving local institutions and government.
  • Promoting culture by taking part in film productions and traditional festivals.
  • Promoting sports. We subsidize teams created by our employees and provide support to local clubs linked to cycling, motorsports and soccer.