Connectivity, smart analysis, scalability and rapid adaptation to change.

TW Logistics has a project department whose activity centers on research and long-term implementation of new technologies. We have advanced planning systems for transportation, traffic, warehousing and control of the entire supply chain.

We are committed to tackling the digital challenge: big data harnessed to predict demand, new picking and AGV to increase productivity, drones to streamline inventory, etc.

We were pioneers in implementing a cloud-based system and the use of RFID, and we continue to work with first-rate experienced suppliers. These cloud computing services are having a transformative impact on the supply chain operating model.

Zero errors in distribution and delivery tasks.

The TWMS (TW Warehouse Management System) enables us to offer complete reliability in all warehouse processes. With a sophisticated traceability system, we have online access to the location of our merchandise. We have achieved error-free delivery in strict compliance with the delivery hours agreed with our clients.

Zero paper in all warehouse processes.

We are able to offer a door-to-door distribution and delivery service, without a single office worker being involved in the process. Information flows, is recorded and active with just the steps of delivery, thanks to the use of pick/put-to-light, voice picking, RFID, etc., mobile terminals, bar codes or QR codes, and integration via Web services.

Complete transparency.

Our clients have online access to detailed information on their loads and stock levels, warehouse movements, reports, KPIs, statistics, etc. They are kept informed about the entire process.