What can we do to be prepared for the digital challenge?

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„Without doubt, it is extremely important to believe in people and enhance their talent“-Carlos Llonis – General Manager Truck&Wheel Automotive.

Digital transformation implies a social transformation. In the automotive sector, the knowledge pyramid is shaped like this:

  • 60-80% of the people perform as they are told.
  • 20-30% of the people have the technical capacity to improve the process with their ideas.
  • And 5-10% are technical leaders who can change the process.

Our current challenge is to invest on this pyramid and reverse it:

  • Increasing the percentage of people who have the ability to develop new standards of advanced technology, and disruptive innovation.
  • On a second level, we should have the people who can improve these new standards: maintenance, programming, knowledge robots, PLCs…
  • And last, the smaller percentage will be taken by repetitive activities, which should be able to be replaced by machinery, robots, software, etc.

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