Celebrating 10,000,000th assembly in Puebla.

Listening to the professionals Truck&Wheel Automotive in Puebla (Mexico) on the occasion of the 10,000,000 assembly, one thing is clear to us: after almost... Weiterlesen »

“Dynamism, technique and top-flight development”.

Satisfaction with a job well done.

The TW Automotive team in Alabama has assembled its 1 millionth wheel. This TIER 1 project manages 1500 SKUs, with in-sequence delivery to the... Weiterlesen »

Contact with new talents.

Some weeks ago we welcomed the visit of more than 100 students from the MAS Center for Administration, Commerce and Information Technology. They will become professionals... Weiterlesen »

The perfection and the wheel.

In support of our Corporate Social Responsibility actions, TW Automotive approached local artists to create a mural at our plant in San Luis de... Weiterlesen »

From project to reality: companies from Navarra in the USA.

On November 13th, part of the Truck & Wheel Automotive team was present at the “Navarra-United States Business Forum”, organized by the Government of Navarra.... Weiterlesen »

The first wheel, the first challenge.

On November 11, 2017 we laid the first stone in San Luis de Potosí, accompanied by State Governor Juan Manuel Carreras López. Fewer than... Weiterlesen »

USA from Europe.

As a TIER 1 supplier for one of the largest high-end vehicle factories in the world, located in Alabama, we took part in a... Weiterlesen »

A million thanks.

Our plant in San José Chiapa (Puebla-MEX) has just assembled its millionth wheel. All of the wheels have been delivered in sequence to the... Weiterlesen »