„Companionship and integrity will make you great professionals.“

Employment Forum of the Chair of Engineering and Business, organized by Fundación Industrial Navarra.

These words mentioned by Ion Ros, Quality Manager at Truck&Wheel Automotive, make clear the value that people have for our organization.  They could be heard last Friday, May 13, 2022, at the latest edition of the Employment Forum of the Chair of Engineering and Business, organized by Fundación Industrial Navarra.

The event took place at La Fábrica de Gomas, where we were accompanied by representatives of Navarre’s leading companies such as Das-Nano, Veridas, Saint Gobain, Nabrawind Technologies and Zabala Innovation, along with more than thirty final year undergraduate and master’s degree students of Engineering from the Public University of Navarra (UPNA).

The event was inaugurated by Camino Conde, Director of Talent and Colleges of COIINA and Fundación Industrial Navarra: „our goal is to bring companies closer to the young talent they are looking for and need to grow and, at the same time, enrich and broaden the vision of the labor market that young engineers have“.

Ion Ros explained, in a close and clear way, TW Automotive’s activity as a Tier 1 supplier in production and sequential delivery of components for premium automotive brands. He also spoke about the opportunities for professional development in an international company that is 100% committed to digitalization – starting from social change – and the challenges of our high-performance teams. Regarding this, he left an important clue for success: „positive attitudes that make you grow first of all yourselves and, secondly, the organization. Companionship and integrity will make you great professionals“.

The common idea expressed by the different participating companies was the importance of combining what has been studied with the professional reality that students will find outside the academic institution; to know what the companies are looking for and how to achieve a permanent professional development in the organizations.

After the presentations, the students were able to meet the speakers in an informal networking environment at a cocktail party. The meeting ended with real references of young engineers who have taken different professional paths: entrepreneurship, research, multinationals…

Once again, from TW Automotive we want to give visibility and thank this kind of initiatives that allow to connect business concerns and needs to new talents.